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Topic : USA

  12 Apr, 2021

What are the Documents Required for US Visa

Hey fella, are you here to gather information about what are the documents required for the US Visa Application? Well, you are at the right place. After you have selected your visa type in the Visa Application form, you need to have all the important documents which are required to fill in hand.

Now your question is Why are such documents required for the US Visa Application? The main thing is, since you are traveling to another country, there are a few rules and regulations you need to go through. The embassy or the consultant authority is there to check all your documents, it doesn't matter which Visa type you have selected.

What are the Documents Required for US Visa

Let's explore each document one by one:

DS-160 Application Form:

This form you can easily find online from Consular Electronic Application Centre. While applying for a US non-immigrant visa, this application form is required.

Social Media Details:

Details you of all the social media platforms you are at, with your name, Gmail, phone number, and 5-year social media history.

A Photograph:

This is a very important document part of your Visa Application. Attach your photo online while filling and submitting the DS-160 form. If you are unable to do so, do not worry, bring your photo on the same day of your appointment. Although, we may refer you to compulsorily bring your photo with you even if it has been submitted online.

Valid Passport:

It mainly refers to the validity of a passport till six months before you have planned to visit the US. Passports need to have a blank page to affix a Visa on it. However, there are few countries where the six months rule doesn't apply, they just need a Visa for your stay there.

$160 Payment:

US Visa Application requires the payment of $160 to schedule your interview. Do note that this money is non-refundable in the case you wish to cancel your appointment or if the visa application gets rejected.

In case your document is not in the required language of the interview or English, then you need to have it translated. The translation must be done by a competent translator.

Although these documents are enough for your US Visa Application, there are few other things that you should be kept by your side with your US Visa Application.

Previous US Visas:

In case you have visited the country before, you should keep all your previous Visas with you as the embassy needs to keep a check.

Travel Itinerary:

This contains the details like your flight reservation, your hotel place in the US, etc. which confirm the embassy that you are not only willing to move to the US but you have a proper plan of how and where.

Invitation Letter:

Although, this is not the necessary one, helpful in case you have it. This is given by any US Citizen who wishes to bring an International Stay who belongs to their family and this confirms the embassy that you have a place to stay in the US.

Although, this could be enough for you to submit your US Visa Application in case you are visiting the US freshly with no other reference or a known person in the US or any other reason.

These are some other things you need to keep a note about.

Family Documents:

Family documents include these few things and anyone would work:

  1. Birth Certificate,

  2. Marriage certificate,

  3. Adoption Certificate,

  4. Divorce Certificate, etc.

Sponsorship Documents:

If you are Sponsored by a person or authority, these 4 documents are the main part and you should be having these with you.

  1. Letter of Affidavit

  2. Payslips

  3. Employment letter

  4. Bank Letter

Property Documents:

If you have your property in your own country, it is a good thing as it may help you show the embassy that you are not willing to stay in the US and it's just a visit.

Physician Letter:

The embassy will approve a doctor from which you need to take a checkup and then take the letter and show the embassy.


There is an important need to have fingerprints checked before or during an interview. Few specific categories are exempted from fingerprint collection:

  1. People below the age of 14 and above the age of 79.

  2. A-1, A-2, G-1, G-2, G-3, C-3.

  3. NATO applicants.

  4. Other applicants who are physically ineligible to give fingerprints.

  5. Bank Statement of 6 months: This helps the embassy know that you have enough balance to stay in the US.

  6. Income Tax Returns of 3 years: It could be of your company, or where you work.

  7. NOC: No Objection Certificate shows that your family is in support of your travel in case you are a minor.

  8. Other documents like Business Registration Certificate, Pension Certificate, School College ID Card are also needed depending on person to person.

These are the general documents you are required to submit. But as we have told you before while filling your US Visa application, there would be different types of visas you must be looking for, so for a few specific types, we have brought you the specific details you need to know.

For Study Visa:

You might be going to study abroad and for that purpose, you would be requiring a visa. In that case, you should have the document from the institute and a letter that shows that you have been admitted or offered admission to the institute. The institute must come under the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). SEVIS I-901 needs to be paid other than the visa fee and you need to attach the extra fee you have paid with other documents for the interview.

For Work Visa:

You might be going to work abroad and for that purpose, you would be requiring a visa. In that case, these are the few required documents:

  1. Graduation or Diploma Certificates.

  2. Offer Letter from Company

  3. Resume or CV

  4. Previous Company letters

  5. State License (if applicable)

  6. Other additional fees, etc.

We believe that the above information is enough for you to understand the details of the required documents for the US Visa Application. If you have any other queries regarding the same, kindly feel free to contact u

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