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Topic : UK

  12 Apr, 2021

Postgraduate Scholarships UK

Many students after completing their graduation from their home country wish to pursue their higher education in any international college, like in the UK. They have questions in mind like is there any way to get enrolled in higher education in international institutes available. Yes, of course, there are many ways possible. Scholarships programs are for this purpose only to provide you the best education of your choice. In case you are looking for postgraduate scholarships to study in the UK, you are at the right place! Today we will give you all the details of the scholarships available in the UK.

Although many Scholarships are specific to few countries only, other Scholarships are available worldwide. This article targets mainly those kinds of Scholarships that are available globally.

Postgraduate Scholarships UK

Why the UK?

For many years, the UK has proved itself a very known and beneficial country for all the international students who wish to pursue graduation or take fellowship under any specific program internationally or abroad. From all around the world, people come to study or join different fellowship programs in the UK.

Why are these Scholarship programs generated?

To help you to easily get access to good educational institutes, these scholarships are made so that they may help you financially to go abroad and fulfill your dream of studying.

Here are names of the few Postgraduate scholarships that are available to study in the UK for any postgraduate program

Names of Scholarships

  1. Chevening Scholarship:

    Chevening Scholarship is mainly for 12 months which is approved by the British Embassy but it can be further extended in special cases by FCO and it is fully funded including all your tuition fees and expenses in the UK. This scholarship supports talented professionals who have been exceptionally good in their respective fields.

  2. Scotland Saltire Scholarship:

    If you wish to study in any postgraduate master's program in Scotland, this Scholarship is for you. This Scholarship is offered by the government of Scotland with the amount of £8,000 for the tuition fees in the higher educational institute in Scotland. 50 students are benefited from a one-year graduate program if they belong to the following fields, healthcare, science and technology, renewable, and clean energy, and other creative industries.

  3. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship:

    As the name suggests, this Scholarship is elicited to the students of Commonwealth Countries. Although, it supports low-income countries too. Indian students can also get benefited from this Scholarship if they or want to pursue Ph.D. or other master’s degree in the UK. They provide tuition fees, airfare charges, and other maintenance costs.

  4. GREAT Scholarships:

    Under the UK Campaign, it is jointly funded by British Council and Great Britain Campaign. In this Scholarship program, 99 postgraduate scholarships are provided by different UK Universities in different subjects. The Scholarship offers a fund of about £10,000 in which a student gets the chance to study for about one year under the postgraduate program.

  5. A.S Hornby Trust Scholarship:

    This Scholarship is mainly for the teachers who teach the English language and wish to get their communication skills furnished more by visiting international colleges such as in the UK.

  6. British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM:

    As the name suggests, this scholarship focuses mainly on women who wish to pursue master’s degrees in science & technology or engineering & mathematics and the subjects alike. 19 UK universities provide this scholarship.

  7. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT):

    These scholarships are specially designed for Indian Students. The students who come from the field of arts & culture, conservation, etc. have more chances to get Scholarships. It is a fully funded Scholarship, through this Scholarship, students can visit fellowship programs in the given institutes; can get grants for research, doctoral study, and Summer School in Scotland. This is only for 2-3 months in which the beneficiary will be provided the fund for accommodation, tuition fees, livelihood, etc. Those who wish to visit the country for a fellowship program, include 10 fellowships in which academic or creative writers, translators get the chance to visit the specific institutes for their work. Here we are talking about the long-term grants; there are other grants as well that come under this scholarship.

    Postgraduate Scholarships UK

    Completing your higher education after graduation could increase your chances of getting a good job with a good salary either in your home country or worldwide. If you want to make a good career in the future, UK universities are offering the best education in the world. Get enrolled today yourself. Many of the scholarships are open to postgraduate study in the UK for international students

    There are many other ongoing programs, under which you can easily get the scholarship; you just need to be aware of the same. We hope this information proves fruitful to you, thanks for visiting!

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