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Topic : Australia

  12 Apr, 2021

Regional Universities in Australia

Australia, the largest country in Oceania, is home to so many top universities all over the world. Many students from all over the world wish to study in the regional areas of the country to reside there and explore more about the place. Mostly it is useful for the students pursuing a master’s degree or Ph.D. when they have to perform research related to the place or depend on the field they have opted for. Many students wish to become permanent residents of the regional universities in Australia.

Australian Government has announced a scholarship of about 1,000 for the regional universities. These scholarships will benefit you with the funds and staying over the regional areas of Australia. Many students wish to stay in Australia to avoid the migration myriad times to their hometown. It is also a home to kangaroos or Koala which you can often see being a resident in the regional areas of Australia.

Regional Universities in Australia

Many students apply for regional scholarships if they get the opportunity to study full-time for one or two-year college programs. There are many regional universities, to name a few, we will check out the top 10 regional universities in Australia:

Charles Darwin University:

Charles Darwin University is located in the Northern Territory region of Australia and it is closest to Asia. The average tuition fee per year for undergraduate programs is approx. Rs. 15 L and for the postgraduate program, it is approx. Rs. 16 L. Other than that the overall cost for living and accommodation includes Rs. 18 L approx.

Edith Cowan University:

Edith Cowan University is located in Joondalup, Western Australia, Australia and offers different kinds of courses, of which tuition fees differ as well from the range of 15-19 L per year.

Griffith University:

Griffith University is located in Queensland, Australia, and is the best-known research university in the place. Different courses offered have different fee structures which vary from the range of 15-23 L per year.

James Cook University:

James Cook University is located in North Queensland, Australia. It is the second oldest university in Australia. The cost range varies from 14-33 L depending on the different courses offered.

Murdoch University:

Murdoch University is located in Perth, Western Australia, and offers a different type of master’s program fee which varies from 15-20 L per year.

Southern Cross University:

Southern Cross University is located on the east coast of Australia and has various campuses in New South Wales, Southeast Queensland, and other places. The Fee structure of the same varies from the range of 15-18 L per year depending on different courses.

University of Tasmania:

the University of Tasmania is located in Tasmania, Australia. Its fee range varies from 15-28 L on different courses.

University of Adelaide:

the University of Adelaide is located in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, and is the 3rd oldest university at the place. Its fee range varies from 13-40 L on different courses.

University of South Queensland:

the University of South Queensland is located in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. It also offers a varied number of courses whose fee structure ranges from 13-17 L per year.

University of South Australia:

The University of South Australia is located in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Depending on various courses, its fee structure varies from the range of 15-22 L per year.

As we have already mentioned that most students who are looking for a master's degree from international institutes focus on regional scholarships, there is a variety of master programs offered in the country. The courses offered are B.E./B.tech, MBA, MEM, MEng, MIM, etc.

Australian Government is encouraging international students to get enrolled in regional scholarship programs and study in regional universities in Australia. So, they have created a way for students which says that if for at least two years, you have been a resident in a regional university in Australia; you get 5 extra points on Immigration Point Tests which increases the chance of yours getting PR in Australia easily. Other than this, the other benefit includes your point’s increases in Regional State Nomination and for your graduate work visa, you get one extra year.

Regional Universities in Australia

However, studying in Australia is very cheap and healthy. The regional universities are enhanced to Australia Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Melbourne too.

We hope this information proves fruitful to you and you get to gather all the required information regarding regional universities in Australia. Thanks for visiting!

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