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Topic : USA

  04 Feb, 2021

Study in the USA for Indian Students after 12th

Shiv has been a very bright student throughout his school life. His parents are told by his teacher to not indulge him in a job and let him study higher. After the 12th, Shiv got confused about what shall he do next? On the counseling with his parents and teachers, he decided to pursue higher study.

Now, the next choice he has is to study in the country or abroad. He Google and found out that the USA is a very fulfilling country to visit for study purposes. He got to know that there are large opportunities to Study in the USA for Indian Students after the 12th and kept searching for what are the requirements, colleges, fees, and other things to look for to study abroad in a country like the USA. Oh, did it tickle you out? Are you also in search to get a detailed overview of higher studies in the USA? You are at the right place! Maxime, quo.

Study in the USA for Indian Students after 12th

After 12th, most of the students often confuse with their careers. What shall they pursue, job or higher studies? Although many choose to stick with the job, many more of them prefer to pursue higher study and enhance their knowledge. Higher studies include both studying in the country and studying outside. Today we will talk about higher studies in the USA.

The USA has been a very preferable place for studying and pursuing higher education for Indian Students. This you should know that India is at the 2nd number in pursuing education in the USA. According to the Open Door International Exchange Program, it ranges more than 2 lakh students. So let us discuss all the education programs available in the USA one by one.

Undergraduate Program

Study in the USA for Indian Students after 12th

These programs are of two types: 2 years or 4 years. So you have a chance to get enrolled in any one of them. Each one has its benefits and loopholes. Let us discuss it.

  • In 2 Year Program, fees are approx. $8K whereas in 4 Year Program, fees are approx. $33K.

  • 2 Year Programs are offered by junior-level Colleges whereas 4 Year Programs are offered by State level Colleges.

  • 2 Year Program offers an Associate of Art or Science degree whereas in 4 Year Program degrees are Bachelor of Art or Science.

  • Through a 2 Year Program, a foundation for a 4 Year Undergraduate program, whereas in a 4 Year Program, it simply helps you to get a job or to get higher education in more specialized courses.

  • Many people have concerns regarding the 2 and 4 Year Undergraduate Program. If the 4 Year Undergraduate Program offers everything, why is there the need for a 2 Year Undergraduate Program and how it could be beneficial for all?

    Mainly, the 2 Year Undergraduate Program is designed to offer Associate Degree. If a student performs well, he/she could get or earn course credit to get enrolled in the 4 Year Undergraduate Program, which could help him/her financially.

Cost Structure

As we have already mentioned above, the fee structure depends on which type of program you choose. In 4 Year Undergraduate Program, there are 2 different categories, Public and Private. The fee structure depends individually on each of the colleges, location, level, etc.

Admission Requirements

You might be worrying about what should be the basic needs of a college in which you wish to get admission to study after 12th. Let us discuss it all one by one.

  • Firstly, you should have completed your 10+2 degree to take admission in any undergraduate program in the USA.

  • You must have a valid passport to go abroad. For more details about valid passports, visit our other blog section.

  • Bank statement Proof

  • Acceptance Letter

  • At least one Letter of Recommendation from any faculty member of your previous school

  • Scores of SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

  • Statement of Purpose, etc.

Student Visa Types

Different type of visa is assigned for the student purpose especially for those who want to go abroad and pursue higher studies. Here are 3 different types of Visa:



M Visa (Student)

This is for non-academic or training at the USA

J Visa (Exchange)

This is for any exchange program

F-1 Visa

This is for the purpose to study in an accredited US college or to study at any English language College in the USA

Top Colleges/Universities in the USA

The USA is known for its best education for many decades. This is all because of the great institutes available in the country and the courses they offer all over the world. Here we are to name the few of such institutes with their rankings and the fee structure to get admission in the college:


College/University Name

Fee Structure (Approx)


Princeton University



Harvard University



Columbia University



Massachusetts University



Yale University



Stanford University



University of Chicago



University of Pennsylvania



California Institute of Technology



Johns Hopkins University


Although the above-provided information could be enough, many Indian Students who want to study in the USA after 12th are confused with what kind of courses they should choose, which could help them in the future and prove beneficial for them. Here are the lists of courses they can get enrolled in.

  • If you are from a Science background in School and wish to continue in the same field, you could choose math or computer science stream.

  • If you are from a Commerce background and wish to continue in the same field, you could choose Management or Business or Accounts, etc.

  • In case you wish to get enrolled in any art or sports activity, there are courses offered for Fine arts, Health Professionals as well.

  • Art people who have studied Social Science in School time could get enrolled in Social Science courses as well.

  • Other than this, there is a variety of courses offered, which you need to clearly understand and choose your path to the future.

We hope that the above-provided information proves fruitful or beneficial for you and you gathered most of the knowledge about how to study in the USA for Indian Students after 12th. Visit us again, thank you!

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