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Topic : Ireland

  12 Apr, 2021

Universities in Ireland for International Students

In Europe, Ireland has been the most popular chosen destination to study for all International Students. The education provided in Ireland is first-rate education. Are you here to know about the educational system in Ireland and the name of few good universities where you can get enrolled and study? You are at the right place! Today, we will tell you everything about studying in Ireland and the top 10 Universities in Ireland for International Students. Before going into the description of Universities, let us tell you about courses and fee structure for studying in Ireland.

Universities in Ireland for International Students

Courses Offered

The specialization to study in Ireland lies in economics, humanities, natural science, and technology. Many international scholarships provide access to Ireland Universities. If you wish to pursue a degree in Bachelors or Master’s Program, these Scholarships will help you get the best experience, build you up professionally, and are also cheap compared to other places in Europe.

Cost Structure

Cost Structure to study in Universities in Ireland for International Students depends on many factors, whether you are staying in a hostel or PG or somewhere else. The cost of living in Ireland, with accommodation charges, food, and other things ranges from €7K-€12K. The tuition fees to study in Ireland ranges from €9K-€45K depending on which college you get admission in, which course you are pursuing to study, etc.

Benefits of Studying in Ireland

If you are planning to study in Ireland, you may be the luckiest of all. There are few important and exciting facts to study there. If your degree is of more than 2 years, you can get permanent residence in Ireland in 2 years. Also, the universities here come in the top 3 percent among the world, of which 22 of them are world-class universities. With a score of 6, you can get a chance to take admission in Ireland Universities as IELTS approves it.

Universities in Ireland for International Students

Top 10 Ireland Universities

Now, we will discuss the top 10 Ireland Universities and everything about it in detail.

Trinity College Dublin:

Trinity College Dublin University is one of the oldest Universities in the whole world. It ranks 101 in the QS World University Rankings. This college offers a mixture of different academic and extra-curricular activities including cultural, social, graduation, post-graduation, etc. TCD is most popular for a Master's Degree.

University College Dublin:

University College Dublin is Ireland’s Global University. Most International Students' choice is UCD. About 25 percent of the whole population of students in UCD is international students who come from various countries to study in Ireland. It is also among the oldest universities. UCD offers the facilities of the Student Centre, School of Business, Science and School of Law as well. It is known for its safety and students like to stay and study here.

Royal Colleges of Surgeons in Ireland:

Royal Colleges of Surgeons in Ireland is among the best universities in Ireland. As the name suggests, it offers courses to build up healthcare professionals to the world, beginning from surgeons, moving onto various other requirements in the field. The college focuses to build up the practice among the students to provide the best treatment to its patients and thus became the leading and significant college in the world. Few other extra-curricular activities occur in college building student clubs to perform civic participation, gain social exposure, etc.

University College Cork:

University College Cork is mainly focused to develop research among the whole world. Most International Students prefer to study for a master's or Ph.D. at UCC. It is also among the top colleges in Ireland. It focuses on academics, scholarships, researches, etc. It provides a work-oriented environment for students.

National University of Ireland, Galway:

National University of Ireland, Galway focuses on innovation, research, and academics and is among the best universities in Ireland. This university is quite rich in its heritage and culture, and quite an attractive place to study.

Technological University Dublin:

Technological University Dublin, as its name suggests focuses on technical education, under which it offers many research programs, scholarships, academic study in both bachelor's and master's degrees. Due to its uniqueness and the emphasis it creates, it is also among the top universities in Ireland.

Maynooth University:

Maynooth University is considered the best university for master's degree programs for students. It focuses on research and development but also provides bachelor's degree programs as well.

Dublin City University:

Dublin City University is known as the place of Enterprise. This University is ranked 422 in the whole world, the campus is very safe and secure, offers various bachelor and master programs to get enrolled, and home to students coming from all over the world. About 17 percent of the college population is international students.

University of Limerick:

The University of Limerick is also among the top universities in Ireland, offering various bachelor and master programs, with approx. 12,000 students and 3,000 faculties.

Dublin Institute of Technology:

Dublin Institute of Technology, as the name suggests, offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in technical fields. It is known for the quality of education it provides all over the world.

Overall, if you are planning to study abroad, Ireland could be the best place you chose to study. With the cheapest and qualitative education, the ease to stay, and building up lifestyle in Ireland, the security different campuses provide, and considering other all factors, no other place could be better for you. Many ongoing scholarship programs focus on studying in Ireland and inform you about the requirements and other important things. We hope the above-provided information proves useful to you. We hope that you gather most of the knowledge about the top 10 universities, cost structure, benefits, and many other things to study in Ireland and gather much information about Universities in Ireland for International Students. Thanks for visiting!

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