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Topic : New Zealand

  12 Apr, 2021

Universities in New Zealand for International Students

New Zealand has been a top university destination for a long time. However, there are only 8 universities in New Zealand. Yes, this must be shocking but it’s true. Although the universities are less in number, the quality of education is amazingly incomparable to any other universities in the world. Many students globally like to stay in New Zealand and complete their higher education here itself. Are you here to know about the educational system in New Zealand and the name of few good universities where you can get enrolled and study? You are at the right place! Today, we will tell you everything about studying in New Zealand and the top 8 Universities in New Zealand for International Students. Before going into the description of Universities, let us tell you about courses and fee structure for studying in New Zealand.

Universities in New Zealand for International Students

Courses Offered

The courses offered by most of the universities in New Zealand are Bachelors in Science and Technology, Masters of Business Administration, Masters of International Management, Masters of Science, etc. However, many international scholarships provide access to New Zealand Universities.

Top 9 New Zealand Universities

Now, we will discuss the top 8 New Zealand Universities and everything about it in detail.

University of Otago:

As its name says, it was established by the Otago Provincial Council. Moreover, the University of Otago focuses more on the Post-graduation of students in the field of economics, science, management, pharmacy, arts, etc.

Victoria University of Wellington:

Victoria University of Wellington offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs for the students. It also includes 40 research institutes and centers to offer varied kinds of courses to students.

University of Canterbury:

The University of Canterbury is the 2nd university in Aotearoa New Zealand. University has 5 different colleges which are College of Science, Engineering, Arts, Education, Business & Law, and Health and Human Development. 35 research institutes are also in the university. However, every college has its specific academic syllabus and courses.

Massey University:

Massey University is a very well-known university in New Zealand famous for its research-driven activities and training in Wellington, Palmerston North, and Auckland. It provides scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

University of Waikato:

If you want to pursue higher education in New Zealand, the University of Waikato is a perfect place to go. It also includes 1 school, 7 faculties, and 1 college that offer many programs in the field of science, arts, mass communication, etc. However, the course range varied to 135 in the fields like biotechnology, psychology, aquaculture, etc.

Lincoln University:

Similar to the University of Waikato, it is also a good place to study research and other higher study programs. However, it offers programs of all kinds from undergraduate to postgraduate to doctoral level. Moreover, there are wide varieties of courses offered in the university including engineering, commerce, business, etc.

Auckland University of Technology:

Auckland University of Technology has 5 faculties, divided into 17 schools. There are 250 different programs offered in the university including science, technology, commerce, business, tourism, etc.

Universities in New Zealand for International Students

Since, till now, we have just viewed the names and the details of the universities, let us now discuss the fee structure of each university and its courses offered in detail. We will consider the top 5 courses offered by the universities.

Sr No

University Name


Tuition Fees (INR)


University of Auckland




University of Otago




Victoria University of Wellington




University of Canterbury




Massey University




University of Waikato




Lincoln University




Auckland University of Technology



Here, we have covered the whole topic about the Universities in New Zealand for International Students. However, many Scholarship programs run in the country may help you to get an entry into such great universities. You can further check the available scholarships for the same. We hope that the information provided above proves beneficial to you and thus helps in clarifying all your doubts related to your query. Thanks for visiting!

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